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Feels so good to be back in Jade! Cheers to road life, a path which never ceases to challenge my body and mind. I choose a simpler life with less bullsh*$ and less materialistic corruption where true focus and self growth is obtained. New video later today! #jadethejeep #anniethejeepdog #livinginmyjeep #wrangler #jeep #50stateroadtrip

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Engine Block Work

@geddesracingengines Jade’s engine block up in the boring bar this morning cleaning her up nice! @FelProGaskets is supplying the gaskets & helping with the rebuild! This is nuts! Jade is a lucky gal & I am truly blessed. She may have her quirks & flaws but who doesn’t! I sure do! We’ll keep her on the road forever! Hang in there Jade! #50stateroadtrip #livinginmyjeep #jadethejeep #FelPro #FelProInstalls #TheLeakStopper #RepairEnvironment #Gaskets #SealedPower

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Overland Bound


If you don’t already, follow #OB5315 @jakewettern aka Iamjake here and on YouTube (a GREAT channel). He’s an inspiration. Jake and his co-pilot #overlandhound Annie are sharing their 50 state tour, living in their Jeep. He’s an all around great guy, and represents pretty much everything we stand for. We are proud to have Jake and Annie on the crew! 👊🏼👍🏼

“Overland Bound. For some of us it’s just in our
blood to keep moving, to keep exploring. New faces, new places, anywhere our rigs will take us. Join to become part of a strong community of overlanders. It doesn’t matter what you drive or where you’re going, just keep moving. Outfit & Explore. Proud to be member #ob5315
#overlandbound #jadethejeep #jadejamboree
#livinginmyjeep #iamjake #bfgoodrichtires #km

Jade and Annie at Overland Bound West
Jake, Jade and Annie as featured on the OB Instagram Page